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Framework Agreement with the Norwegian Coastal Administration Signed!

NOFI Boom Bag Deploying ECOSOLID Oil Boom on sea, mountain background

AllMaritim is proud to have signed a Framework Agreement with the Norwegian Coastal Administration, (2+2 years) on our new ECOSOLID solid floatation oil boom. The Norwegian Coastal administration arranged a public bidding contest, for Solid floatation booms with 350mm freeboard, with a strong focus on environmental and operative qualifications. The first delivery will be this spring,  and a new generation of solid floatation booms (no Styrofoam!)  take their place in the Norwegian Coastal administration’s preparedness plans!

The ECOSOLID 250 and 350 is fully compatible with NOFI -  EP series Oil Boom, and can be packed in NOFI Boom Bag systems, and packing crates. ECOSOLID is developed in collaboration with AllMaritim, NOFI AS, and Markleen.

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