AllMaritim offers secondary containment solutions in order to prevent and handle unwanted events like fish escapes and pollution. Our Chemstore containers provides secure storage of chemicals. We also offer NOFI’s re-catch system, robust floating docks, and other aquaculture products.

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Floating docks and marinas

Floating docks and marinas

NOFI has much experience with production and development of floating docks in many sizes and finishes. The floating docks are mainly produced by polyethylene pipes, which are a corrosion-free and highly durable material. You can also choose to make parts of the assembly yourself or have the floating dock delivered ready for use.

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NOFI ROBUST Floating Dock

The floating dock has a fully welded floating frame with surface-mounted transverse floats at both ends, this makes it easy to handle when launching it from land, even in rough terrain. Available in standard lengths og 6, 12 and 15 meters, with a width og 2,5 o 3 meters. Other sizes can be produced as desired.

All Floating docks can be delivered with impregnated wooden boards or maintenance-free perforated PE grating. The PE grating greatly reduces gathering of snow on deck.  

Can be delivered with gangway, extra fendering and complete mooring.

Product Length Width
NOFI Robust 6 6 meters (19,7 ft) 2,5 meters (8,2 ft)
NOFI Robust 12 12 meters (39,4 ft) 2,5 meters (8,2 ft)
NOFI Robust 15 15 meters (49,2 ft) 3 meters (9,8 ft)

NOFI Marina

Permanent solution prepared for outriggers, water and electricity posts. Comes with fully welded frame made of tough polyethylene pipes. The NOFI marina is well suited as a long floating dock, or marina combined with the NOFI outrigger system. Can be delivered with deck made from impregnated wooden boards or maintenance-free perforated PE grating.

Available in lengths from 12-meters (39,4 feet) pr. unit and upwards and width from 2 to 4-meters (6,6 to 13,1 feet) - Have delivered up to 70-meters length (230 feet)

We can also deliver following:

Product Picture
Fenders and fenders list  
Electricity and water-post  
Complete mooring equipment   
Impregnated material  
Satinless nuts and bolts  
Integrated morring wells