AllMaritim offers secondary containment solutions in order to prevent and handle unwanted events like fish escapes and pollution. Our Chemstore containers provides secure storage of chemicals. We also offer NOFI’s re-catch system, robust floating docks, and other aquaculture products.

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NOFI Re-Catch System

NOFI Re-Catch system safeguards emergency preparedness.

Delivered as a complete solution for placement on the feed barge. Ensures rapid response upon escaping.

The system contains;
- Nets for small, medium and large fish. Custom packed for rapid response.
- Line/rope, custom packed for easy release
- Umbrella anchor, galvanized with 4 claws
- Anchor buoy with reflection tape and line solution
- Buoys for extra net buoyancy
- LED headlight, batteries, knives, repair line and needle, tape
- User documentation.
- Optional: Training bag including everything needed to perform a reel life incident exercise.

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