AllMaritim offers secondary containment solutions in order to prevent and handle unwanted events like fish escapes and pollution. Our Chemstore containers provides secure storage of chemicals. We also offer NOFI’s re-catch system, robust floating docks, and other aquaculture products.

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NOFI Rescue Ladder

NOFI Rescue Ladder

NOFI has developed a rescue laddet that can be mounted at most fish farms, and it is hidden in the walkway!

Getting out of the ocean after an unexpected dip can be challanging, the NOFI rescue ladder is easily pulled out of a casette that is integrated into the walkway. The rescue ladder can be mounted in retrospect, and can be customed to fit non-NOFI cage systemt by request. 

The resque ladder is produced in PE sheets of varying thickness, while a PVC fabric is used as a launch mechanism, and as a release barrier. 


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