Our product portfolio contains effective environmental solutions for easy and practical handling of oil and chemical spills. Spills that occur in both daily operations, maintenance, and acute pollution on land or sea. We also offer secondary containment equipment and storage solutions for oils, chemicals and gas cylinders. Our tailor-made solutions are tools to meet demands set in ISO 14001.

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Granulate Sorbents

Granulate Sorbents

In certain situation the use of granulate sorbents is paramount in the recipe for success. This especially applies outdoors in uneven/rough terrain (construction areas for example) and in situations where the oil/spill has spread over a large area (roads). A high quality natural granulate is also an important tool in beach cleanup situations.

We supply two different types of wood bark in 40-50L bags. The bark will absorb oil and reject water. Our philosophy about granulate products is that you need a natural product that you can use generously.

In some situations you may also need a UNIVERSAL granulate, meaning a granulate that will absorb all liquids. For these situations, ABSOL is a safe choice. ABSOL is made from chalk, cement and water. In addition to absorbing all organic fluids (water, oil, fat and solvents), ABSOL will also neutralize organic and non-organic acids. ABSOL contains no health endangering substances.

The common denominator for all granulate sorbents is that when the granulate has absorbed the intended liquid everything needs to be collected and disposed correctly, for example, if it contains oil, as hazardous waste.  

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