Our product portfolio contains effective environmental solutions for easy and practical handling of oil and chemical spills. Spills that occur in both daily operations, maintenance, and acute pollution on land or sea. We also offer secondary containment equipment and storage solutions for oils, chemicals and gas cylinders. Our tailor-made solutions are tools to meet demands set in ISO 14001.

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Funnels for IBC's and 200L drums

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IBC SpillSaver®

The IBC SpillSaver® is a tailor made funnel designed to fit IBC tanks perfectly. The funnel is manufactured in 100% polyethylene in order to withstand most acids, chemicals and oils. Steadily sits on top of IBCs grid, and for extra security you can fasten it with accompanying fastening straps. Comes with drain grating. Lid is available upon request. 

IBC SpillSaver® Antistatic

Brand New Antistatic SpillSaver, manufactured in 100%PE, delivered with a grounding cable and acid-proof pipe that you easily connect to the funnel neck in order to lead the liquid in a controlled fashion into the IBC container. The Antistatic IBC SpillSaver is Black and delivered with a grid, lids are available as an option. 

Funnel for 200L drums

Funnels for 200L drums is a very useful tool in order to minimize spills when pouring from smaller units into a barrel. The funnel is equipped with  a lid for outdoor use, and prevent the intrusion of water and reduce fumes. We also provide OPAL Lids, that are fastened with a ferrule mechanism.


Shapable funnel that requires next to no storage space, makes fraaining liquid from "hard to reach" places a breeze. Can be shaped and reshaped again and again. Availeble in three different sizes.