Our product portfolio contains effective environmental solutions for easy and practical handling of oil and chemical spills. Spills that occur in both daily operations, maintenance, and acute pollution on land or sea. We also offer secondary containment equipment and storage solutions for oils, chemicals and gas cylinders. Our tailor-made solutions are tools to meet demands set in ISO 14001.

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Secondary Containment Systems

Secondary Containment 

Secondary containment is an important step in protecting the environment, not just in order to act in accordance with current laws and regulations. Small spills that happen daily can have a massive impact on your companies financial situation and the safety of your employees and coworkers. ENPAC’s secondary containment products are produces in 100% polyethylene. This ensures low weight, flexible solutions that are rust free and have a high tolerance to many different chemicals and hydrocarbons.

AllMaritims product portfolio within secondary containment consist of spill pallets for IBC and 200L drums, workfloors, transport solutions etc, all designed to make your workday safer and easier. For more information please se attached brocure. 

For more information please se our brochure. 

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