Our product portfolio contains effective environmental solutions for easy and practical handling of oil and chemical spills. Spills that occur in both daily operations, maintenance, and acute pollution on land or sea. We also offer secondary containment equipment and storage solutions for oils, chemicals and gas cylinders. Our tailor-made solutions are tools to meet demands set in ISO 14001.

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Self Rising Temporary Storage Tanks

Prowler Pool 75-550L

Prowler pools are dependable, chemically resistant pop-up pools. They fold up for compact storage and deploy quickly for rapid response. The teardrop design and top tension ring make them self-supporting, the fabric quality also provides a high chemical resistance and provides resistance for tears and punctures. Prowler pools have a very low weight and requires next to no storage space. 

Auto Tank 2 000-10 000L

AutoTanks are self-erecting foldable tanks used for the storage of oil, drinking water and other liquids.

They are ideal for use under a leakage, as a decontamination pool, as a temporary storage tank for liquids, etc.
AutoTanks are ready to be deployed at any time, as they hold themselves up without a frame due to the floating collar which rises as the tank is filled.  They include handles at the bottom, allowing the base of the tank to be positioned as required.


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