Oil Spill Response

Optimizing oil spill response

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BoomVane™ is a paravan that replaces the need for a second towing vessel during an oil spill operation. The BoomVane is designed so that the faster it is towed through water, the more power it gets away from the connection point.

When it is launched in combination with an oil boom system like the NOFI Current Buster system, it pulls the guide boom out and away from the towing vessel.  This ensures that you can tow the NOFI Current Buster with just one towing vessel instead of two. By using the “drop-back” system you always work on the inside of the towing vessel, and release the connection points outside the vessels skid side.

In rivers, you may anchor up on end of the oil boom and let the BoomVane pull and hold the other end out and in place by simply utilizing the rivers current.

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