Oil Spill Response

Optimizing oil spill response

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Oil Spill Detection System

 Remote sensing of oil spills, a necessity within oil spill contingency;:
- Surveillance, giving early spill warning
- Verification and characterization, supporting your decision on how to respond
- Aid for navigation, for day and night operation and oil recovery efficiency


The Miros OSD™ system is used from offshore installations, vessels or shore based stations, either as a standalone system or as a part of a sensor network.

Data available from Miros OSD™ is an essential contribution to the common operating picture. While satellite and airborne systems cover a larger area,

the Miros OSD™ System provides continuous local surveillance. Recovery operations can be continued, even in darkness and when no aerial data are available.

Using thermal (IR) imaging, identification of the thickest part of the oil slick becomes available.


Main features;
- Early and automated oil spill detection.
- Oil spill area, drift direction and speed.
- Wave, wind and surface current data.
- Operation in darkness, fog and poor visibility.
- Infrared camera for manual oil detection
- Export to electronic chart systems



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