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NEW NOFI Current Buster® 4

NEW NOFI Current Buster® 4


What differentiates the NOFI Current Buster technology from other high-speed sweep systems, is the built-in separator. The system is designed to separate contained oil from water and to retain the oil inside the closed separator. The process results in a thicker layer of oil, which in turn offers great advantages when pumping the collected oil on board vessels or into storage tanks. As a result, the vessel's storage tanks are filled with oil  not water, increasing the overall oil recovery efficiency significantly.

The NOFI Current Buster® 4 is currently used by oil spill control organizations all over the world and has been used in numerous oil spills, where it has proven its capabilities more than once. Years of experience and lessons learned in oil spill globally has been taken into account when developing the next generation NOFI Current Buster 4.

The new NOFI Current Buster 4 has several new improvements such as hydrodynamic shape, increased operational speed, larger separator, greater stability due to an incorporated wave dampening system.  The New NOFI Current Buster 4 performance in high wave conditions is improved and it also maintains a larger coverage area pr. hour due to a wider sweep front opening.

The system is available either on a hydraulic driven reel or as a all-in-one custom-made storage system in a 10’ container. When used together with the BoomVane system, The NOFI Current Buster 4 is well suited for single-vessel operations as well as it is prepared for the NorMar IPS 3 integrated pump system.


Technical Specifications:

NOFI Current Buster® 4 Data
Freeboard size Ø600 to 800 mm (Ø23,6 -31.5 inch)
Towing speed (STW) 4,4 knots
Inflation system High capacity air blower
Total length 37 m (121 ft)
Total width m (front opening) 23 m (75 ft)
Sepatator capacity 40 m3 (1412 cu. ft.)


The all-in-one solution

High-Speed Single-Vessel Sweep System

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