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NOFI Current Buster® 8

NOFI Current Buster® 8

The NOFI Current Buster ® 8 has been shown to have excellent area coverage and high operational flexibility at operational speeds of up to 5 knots. The compact system can easily be manoeuvred and towed from one oil spill slick to another. The system incorporates a high-capacity separator and temporary storage unit. Due to the system's ability to separate oil from water, any available skimmer will be able to recover the oil with much higher efficiency than any other system due to the separator capabilities. Tests have shown that the NOFI Current Buster® 8 is able to collect almost all types of oil, independent of towing speed. The NOFI Current Buster 8 system should be stored and operated using a hydraulic driven boom reel, however, multiple solutions are available on request regarding container storage etc..

Single-vessel operations
The NOFI Current Buster ® 8 has proved to be highly suitable for single-vessel operations in combination with the BoomVane system, the 1,5m BoomVane is recommended for this system.

Technical Specifications:

NOFI Current Buster® 8 Data
Freeboard size Ø1400 mm (Ø55.1 inch)
Towing speed (STW) 5 knots
Inflation System High capacity air blower
Total length 64,8 m (213 ft)
Total width (front opening) 50 m (164 ft)
Separator capacitiy 70 m3 2472 cu. ft.)


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