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Offshore Skimmers

NorMar Offshore Skimmer Series 

The NorMar Offshore Skimmer Series are designed and build with the focus on cost-effective oil recovery. The oil recovery system is able to recover all types of viscosities in all weather conditions where oil is on the surface. For personnel safety reasons, the system can be remotely operated (optional) to avoid having people on deck during operation. The system is designed to require minimum maintenance performed by local mechanics.


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NorMar Offshore Skimmers

The NorMar skimmer and hose handling system is the most flexible system available in the market today. The system is delivered as a complete integrated unit with built-in crane arm and designed for remote or manual operations. The system is 100% hydraulic powered without any electrical installations. All hydraulic tubing and hydraulic fittings are in stainless steel material for minimum maintenance. Easily repairable for a ship’s chief mechanic if needed, and requires little or no maintenance.


MODEL NorMar 4/30 NorMar 4/50TI NorMar 5/50 TI NorMar 6/80 TI
Umbilical** 4", 50m 4", 50m 5", 50m 6'', 80m
Integrated Crane Reach Guide wheel 6m 6m 6m
Skimmer type Weir, Brush, Disc Weir, Brush, Disc Weir, Bruch, Disc Weir, Bruch, Disc
Capacity* 0-350m3/t 0-350m3/t 0-350m3/t 0-350m3/t
Thrusters Yes Yes



Remote control Yes/Optional Yes/Optional



*Depending on pump type
** Length/dimensions on request